Proposed Marblemount Quarry Mine Would Be a Catastrophe!

Nov. 4, 2020, midnight

The area near Marblemount in which a proposed quarry mining venture is now seeking special permit approval by Skagit County should not be zoned for quarry mining.

The permit applicant, Kiewit Infrastructure Company of Vancouver, WA, is seeking county approval to begin a massive quarry operation that would be a catastrophe for the Marblemount community. It should be rejected by Skagit County.

Zoning for the area should be changed to disallow any significant quarry mining involving blasting or significant disruption of the environment or harm to the public welfare of the community.

Further, no large scale removal and transport of quarry material from the area should be permitted which constitutes harm to the environment of the Skagit Valley.

There should be an extension of the public comment period under the State Environmental Policy Act due to the quantity of documents to review and the limited time provided. Citizens were not provided with timely information or sufficient time or opportunity to participate in considering this permit application.

Further, we are asking for a Determination of Significance under WAC197-11-330 and to require an Environmental Impact Statement due to the significant effect on the local environment, especially considering the quiet, remote nature of the surrounding community and environment. This would require much more extensive review and public comment before the project could proceed.

A main issue here is whether the area now zoned for special use permit quarry mining should be re-zoned. The current zoning is inappropriate in the extreme and incompatible with the life and public welfare of the greater Marblemount community.

The proposed quarry would traumatize and harm the lives of the many people who love the peace and tranquility of their beloved valley.

It would contaminate the air with dust, environmentally damaging pollution, and shocking noise completely incompatible with the rural residential nature of the area.

It would cause great harm to the health and psychological well-being of people living in the area.

It would harm the environment for wildlife and is incompatible with protecting, improving and nurturing the well-being of salmon.

It would damage property values and catastrophically undermine the eastern Skagit Valley tourism economy.

It would increase the risk of wildfires and have a seriously negative impact on highway traffic safety.

Nothing like the proposed mining operation should be permitted. Change the zoning for this area and disallow all future mining operations.

Here is a link to Skagit County’s web page describing the application by Kiewit Infrastructure Company of Vancouver, Washington:  Kiewit Special Use Permit Application Details

Please submit your statement in response to this application either by mail or by using the form provided on this Skagit County page: Public Comment Page